“My partner and I hired Ron approximately 9 months ago, following 2 previous disappointing experiences. Ron Krantz is very knowledgeable, articulate, accurate, proactive and thorough with every aspect of maintaining the books for my company. His knowledge extends beyond keeping books as he is acutely aware of business issues and regulatory parameters that have an effect on our performance; through his network of professionals he has often provided us with sound advice and delivers consistently sharp and comprehensive information to help us run our business. He is also a most personable and positive individual who makes our work relationship a most pleasant experience.”

"His skills with Excel and Intuit-QB are exceptional: he has helped us with budgeting expenses,  debt payment schedules, sales projections, and specific analysis any time we needed detailed data to support our decisions—besides providing us with monthly financial reports."

"I would recommend Ron Krantz without hesitation to any small to medium company where an in-house financial person (CFO) is not present. He has command of accounting language and is a perfect interface for a CPA.”

Margherita Stewart Sagan
Managing Partner
Piccino Café / Restaurant