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"We have been working with Krantz Waldau for over 5 years. We originally hired them to do our bookkeeping. We use them now for both bookkeeping and general business strategy."

"We had very few expectations. We were a small company, and had never had a bookkeeper before. I was the person doing the bookkeeping, and as a result the bookkeeping was being pushed to the back burner more often than was healthy for the company. Once Krantz Waldau took over, our company runs more smoothly.  Invoices are sent on a regular basis and vendor checks are cut and mailed out on time.  Krantz Waldau also does an excellent job of keeping us on top of any new regulations that come up from city, state, or federal government."

"I have constant access to an updated Quickbooks file. I always know where our business is going, and what our cash flow situation is. As a small business, these are the questions I need answered quickly. Krantz Waldau works well with our CPA, and tax time is a seamless transfer of information back and forth between our daily bookkeeper, Krantz Waldau, and our annual tax accountant."

"Working with Krantz Waldau has benefitted me personally in the following ways:"

  • "It allows me to focus on the part of the business that is most important--getting and keeping clients."

  • "I feel as in control, if not more in control of our finances, as KW is meticulous at keeping up our accounts I have  a better understanding of QF as a result of KW spending the time to teach me "tricks of the trade" with our accounts I feel I have a business partner in KW. They are flexible, diligent, and a lot of fun to work with. They spend the time to get to know your business, and they help you above and beyond the tasks assigned."

"I would recommend KW to any business that is interested in hiring top notch bookkeepers who think beyond the numbers to the strategy that keeps your business afloat."

Thea Selby – CFO
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