Gaelic Construction


"They offer a boutique style of accounting & booking  services."

"Along with very useful, practical and informative current information geared towards small businesses, they take the time to understand, listen and help research ways to service their clients, each one treated as special and unique."


"Our expectations were pretty straightforward - what we experienced as clients of Krantz-Waldau was much more. Communication is top notch, personal attention to details reporting and deadlines met for  specific tax filings were always on time. We needed help with bookkeeping and organizing the set up of our business. We feel a strong partnership with Krantz-Waldau that supports us in branching out and new ideas for business practices. 


"Creating your own business can be just as frightening as it is exciting. We felt nothing but the  most positive support from Krantz-Waldau with an open door policy that made it so easy for us to turn to them for advice on many different levels. I truly feel that they want us to succeed. We have been doing business for 5 years, and I have,- and would most certainly recommend Krantz-Waldau to anyone who was starting, or has a small business that is in need of top notch service."

Kelly Burt Deasy - Owner
Gaelic Construction